Verifying and Testing Concurrent Programs using Constraint Solver based Approaches


The success of dynamic verification techniques for confirming the absence of bugs in concurrent programs rests on their ability to systematically address the interleaving space arising because of the nondeterminism. However, existing dynamic verification engines suffer from the problem of scalability due to the size of the reachable state space that grows exponentially as the number of parallel entities increases. The second front on which the dynamic verification technique struggles is the dependence on the test cases to drive the program, thus being as efficient as the quality of the test cases. Lastly, any verification technique suffers from the lack of a significant benchmark of bugs to prove its worth. This work tries to improve the area of dynamic verification concerning the limitations as mentioned above. We utilize the worthiness and popularity of constraint solvers and establish our work in the realm of concurrent programs.

2020 IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution
Subodh Sharma
Subodh Sharma
Associate Professor and Pankaj Gupta Chair Professor in Privacy and Decentralisation